COVID-19 July Update from NSU President Hanbury 

At Nova Southeastern University, our mission is to help our students become confident, capable, and caring professionals who can make a difference in their careers, their communities and in their personal lives. Now, more than ever, this ambition and these characteristics will help carry us through these challenging times.

I realize that all NSU students and their families are making vital decisions right now about your plans for the fall, and I want to make sure I keep you updated on important arrangements we’ve put in place to prepare for those students who will be returning to NSU this fall.

I know that all of you are facing so many additional anxieties and challenges, whether related to health concerns, travel and social constraints, or financial pressures—all of which makes your educational aspirations even more important but, unfortunately, even more complicated. The university, like you, has many issues to juggle and balance to try to make the best decisions amidst unprecedented pressures and challenges. I want to honor my promise to keep you informed so that, even if we don’t always agree on every policy decision made, we can still navigate our paths together in full transparency.

Of one thing, I am sure: that NSU is uniquely positioned to deliver to every one of our students, whether on campus or learning remotely, the “NSU Edge.” With an NSU degree, you will learn how to excel, lead, and contribute in your chosen career; you will be taught and inspired by some of the best educators and experts in your desired profession; and you will find friends and mentors here at NSU who will change and enrich your life in unforgettable ways.

No pandemic will stop us from delivering on that promise.

The Return of the Sharks Student Guide distributed last month has provided you with a comprehensive look at the COVID-19 safety requirements in place at all NSU locations. The required practices are simple and straight-forward: mandatory face coverings, mandatory physical distancing, frequent hand washing or sanitizing, regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and spaces, self-monitoring for fever and symptoms, and staying home to self-isolate preventatively if symptomatic. You will be receiving two NSU face coverings, but you are welcome to use your own.

We consider these to be essential rules of behavior that MUST be followed for everyone’s sake. The best way we can make our environment safer for you is to enforce proper safety procedures among the entire community. That’s why there will be zero tolerance for

noncompliance. Those students, employees, or visitors who do not follow appropriate COVID-19 safety requirements will face measures ranging from a first warning to removal from campus to disciplinary actions as outlined in the student and employee handbooks.

We take these safety provisions very seriously and we need everyone here to do the same. I’ve advised parents who have contacted me over the summer that we are making every effort to provide their sons and daughters with a well-prepared, responsible, and supportive community.


  • MANDATORY COVID-19 TRAINING: All NSU students are required to complete an online COVID-19 training module, which will go live on Canvas as of Monday, July 27, and must be completed by or before Monday, Aug. 17. You will not be able to attend classes without completing this training. The link to the training will be made available to you by email by July 27.
  • ARRANGEMENTS FOR POSSIBLE QUARANTINES: I’ve attached an additional handout with details explaining university arrangements and steps students should follow if they (a) experience COVID-19 symptoms, (b) receive a positive test result, or (c) are contacted by the health department and instructed to self-quarantine as part of a contact tracing effort. Hopefully, such incidents will be few and far between in our community, but, as with any risk, it’s best to know what to do in advance and many parents have asked for more detail on our preparations, which are thorough and comprehensive.
  • ORIENTATIONS: Undergraduate orientation will be held online. The new date is Thursday, August 6. Please see our Online Orientation webpage for details and to register. Graduate and professional students should consult their college program directors for orientation information.

–Any/all students enrolled in HPD programs should check with your college or program head to verify arrangements for delivery of your fall courses, labs, and clinical rotations.

–Students enrolled in fully online courses will take your classes as usual.

–For undergraduate and graduate students who are registered for in-person classes this fall, NSU’s BlendFlex model will grant you options for attending class in person, remotely for synchronous (real-time, interactive) attendance, and/or through access to online recorded classes.

–The very first class meeting for in-person BlendFlex courses this fall will be held online so that COVID-19 provisions and class arrangements can be reviewed.

–Check Canvas for details on how to access your first class meetings.

  • END OF FALL SEMESTER: Most NSU classes will be held online after Friday, Nov. 20 through the end of the fall semester/term to allow students to make safer, more convenient travel plans for the holidays. We are still assessing the best arrangements for the winter semester/term and will update students after the fall semester/term begins.

Remember, when you became a Shark, you joined a team—a second family—that holds together and is always moving forward. As Sharks, we share a responsibility to use our best efforts so that members of the NSU community are taking the proper precautions to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. I know we will all do our part. We will follow the safety protocols and help others to do so as well. Together, we will prevail. Fins up! Masks up! Let’s “turn the tide.”

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