Congratulations to the Student Success Fair Raffle Winners!

The Office of Undergraduate Student Success held their 5th Annual Student Success Fair on Wednesday, September 17th in the DeSantis Atrium. All students who participated in at least eight stations were eligible to enter the raffle to win $20.00 in Shark Dining dollars. The students were selected randomly for their participation.

Sucess FairThe winners are:

  • Daidania Borges
  • Shanygne Bitna
  • Lauren Caravella
  • Natacha Celcis
  • Toussaint Campbell
  •  Hannah Dean
  • Mehreen Farid
  • Victoria Garacia
  • Elianys Gonzalez
  • Rachael Green
  • Rikki Hurt
  • Nancy John
  • Bernardo Jordan
  • Jamie Kooiker
  • Diana Perez
  • Gabriella Lopez
  • Chris Maragos
  • Brittany Nicholson
  • Stephen Palmer
  • Joseph Perez
  • Kelly Raza
  • Ali Rehman
  • Dayna Shull
  • Wendy VanWoerden
  • Talia Younus

Raffle prizes were sponsored by the College of Undergraduate Studies. In addition, Jimmy Johns, Davie location donated sub sandwiches to all students who participated in the fair.

The Student Success Fair allows students to learn about NSU resources to help increase academic success.

For more information, please contact the Office of  Undergraduate Student Success at (954) 262-8386 or visit

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