Congratulations, Super Sharks!

Super SharksThe Office of Undergraduate Student Success is proud to congratulate the following group of students who successfully completed all four levels of the Super Sharks Program: Bibiana Avendano, Reshma Daniel, Raquel Henriquez Feliz, Irene Gray,  Roxana Lifshtiz, Lauren Llorente, Laura Rodriguez, Luis Perez, Andrea Tovar, and Ruby Wagimin for successfully completing all four levels of the Super Sharks Program.

The Super Sharks program is specifically geared toward First Time in College Students (FTIC).  The program was created to assist FTIC students as they transition to University life and its inherent challenges. There are four levels, each with a specific focus as follows:  Level I – University Life; Level II – Faculty Mentoring; Level III – Personal Leadership; and Level IV – Leadership Application.   Each of the four levels has explicit requirements including a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and takes students through completion of their sophomore year.  Students who successfully complete each level are awarded a $250 textbook voucher to the NSU Bookstore.

For more information please contact the Office of Undergraduate Student Success at (954)262-8386 or

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