College of Health Care Science Opens a New Writing Center for Its Students

. The Health Professions Division (HPD) Effective Writing CenterGreat news for College of Health Care Science (CHCS) students at Nova Southeastern University! The CHCS has opened a brand new writing center with the specific purpose of improving student’s writing ability. The Health Professions Division (HPD) Effective Writing Center, which opened its doors at the start of the Fall semester, is now available to CHCS students who wish to have coaching sessions with experienced writing coaches.

Services offered to students include brainstorming (idea development), thesis development, paper organization, citation style guidance and help with mechanics such as grammar, word usage and punctuation. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Co-Founder of the center, Terry Morrow, Ph.D., stated, “Our students and faculty have identified writing support as an important area for student support. Dean Richard Davis responded by providing the funding for the first year. Our vision is to see it expand to serve all HPD students eventually. We have a great team of coaches and are already seeing positive feedback from students and faculty. Also, it has been a pleasure to work with Kaye Robertson, Executive Director of the Health Professions Division Library, to develop the writing center.”

Students’ needs are facilitated by writing coaches who have incorporated flexible schedules to ensure maximum availability. Each coach is an experienced writer with a passion for writing as well as student education. Most coaching sessions are held in the evening or on weekends.

“Many students who have participated in coaching sessions expressed gratitude to have somewhere to go for writing assistance and guidance, beyond just editing services. I’m excited to be a part of it and help build the foundation for a permanent HPD writing center,” said writing coach Amanda Chiplock. She is also the Emerging Technologies Librarian at the HPD Library

Students can expect personalized, interactive and productive coaching sessions that typically last one hour, but can be extended to suit each student’s need. The HPD Effective Writing Center is currently open to all students enrolled in the CHCS and is open seven days a week by appointment. Moreover, students can also meet with their coach either online using web-based platforms such as Adobe Connect and Google Docs, or in person in the HPD Library. Coaching sessions are available to all main campus, SEC, and online CHCS students and are facilitated by coaches.

For more information about the HPD Effective Writing Center, visit the website at and be sure to schedule an appointment!

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