City Furniture Case Competition

Case competitions offer NSU students the opportunity to solve company-specific problems (real or fictitious) to senior level executives and faculty. This fall semester, NSU Career Development collaborated with City Furniture to host a case study focused developing a marketing/Business solution plan to entice millennial and Gen Z students to use City Furniture for their apartment furniture needs and compete with companies such as IKEA.


Seven teams (11 students total) competed in the competition, 9 out of the 11 students represented the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Students were able to share solutions that would help expand City Furniture’s target audience and get buy in from Millennial and Gen Z customers. One of our undergraduate business students, Krystian Dear, won the competition and received the $1,000 prize.

City Furniture was so impressed with our students that they plan to host another competition at NSU. In addition, City Furniture will be looking to implement the solutions provided by students into their future business plans.


NSU has been hosting case competitions for four years and counting, and the variety of topics as well as experiences and prizes will continue to grow as opportunities expand and more students participate.


If you are interested in potentially joining a future case competition, please contact the NSU Career Development at (954) 262-7201 or visit

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