CAHSS Faculty on the Board of the Florida Dance Education Organization

Elana Lanczi, M.F.A.Faculty in NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) are in leadership positions in the Florida Dance Education Organization (FDEO). Elana Lanzci, M.F.A., is on the executive board as secretary and Luke Kahlich, Ed.D., is on the advisory board. Lanzci is an associate professor and Kahlich is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Performing and Visual Arts (DPVA).

FDEO, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the promotion of high quality dance education. It promotes equal access of all to high quality dance education regardless of age, race, gender, culture, socio-economic status, or ability. The FDEO’s annual conference will take place October 20-22, 2016 hosted by the Miami City Ballet. You can obtain more information online

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