CAHSS Faculty Appointed as Head Researcher on Ombuds Project

600px-neil_katzNeil Katz, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies (DCRS) in NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) has been appointed as the head researcher of a project that will inform the United States Congress on the status of ombuds work created by federal legislation in 1990.  The year-long project is surveying omsbuds work in more than 100 government agencies and will provide information to address important questions such as: “What are promising practices for the establishment, organization, and operation of federal ombuds offices?” and  “How do ombuds define their role and function?”

Katz is being assisted by graduate students from DCRS and other lead researchers from Kennesaw State University and former ombuds from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), the U.S. Navy, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT.)  The research project is being funded by the U.S. Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) through a grant to chiResolutions in Washington D.C., which is subcontracting with NSU for their work contribution.

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