CAHSS Faculty and Students Have Research Film Accepted by Academic Journal The Journal of Video Ethnology

Research in VeracruzEileen Smith-Cavros, Ph.D., faculty in the Department of Conflict Resolution Studies in NSU’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS), along with students conducted research in Mexico titled: “Mana Tee Lagoon: Yesterday and Today.” For two years, an interdisciplinary team traveled several times to a rural village in Veracruz, Mexico to collect data. In addition to Smith-Cavros, original field research team included the late biologist Edward Keith, Ph.D., Silvia duluc Silva and Christie Ledon, both current graduates of NSU. Guadalupe Almanza, an NSU graduate, is the co-author of the film. The research was made into a film “Manatee Lagoon: Yesterday and Today” and was accepted by the peer-reviewed online academic journal The Journal of Video Ethnology. The film may be viewed online with English subtitles (

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