CAHSS Dance Students and Faculty Participate in “Distance Voices” an International Project

Distance VoicesLuke Kahlich, Ed.D., adjunct faculty and dance students in the Department of Performing and Visual Arts (DPVA) in NSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) participated in “Distance Voices,” an international telematics collaborative project which uses technology to research choreographic pedagogy. Dancers and dance faculty from NSU and John Moores University in Liverpool, England created choreography, and music students and a composer from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland created original music composition. The dance students from NSU included: Mariah Busk, Angelina Granitz, Sarah Hutcher, Brittany Nicholson, Shanae Reese, and Paige Robbins. Technical staff from NSU included Ed Fitzpatrick and Margaret Ledford from DPVA.

Using videoconferencing software, the artists created a unique performance experience that included both live performance and live-streamed elements to connect the three locations into one seamless performance. It was also performed for a meeting of educators and technologists across Europe at the London Royal Academy of Music. The April 15th performance was followed by question and answer sessions with audience members.

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