5th Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony

The 5th Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony will be held on April 26th from 4:00pm-6:00pm on the 2nd floor of the Don Taft University Center.

The Student Leadership Awards Ceremony is designed to honor individual and organizational contributions to the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) campus and surrounding communities. We recognize our most motivated, informed, proactive student leaders and organizations that are fostering student success and building a University community.

This year’s nominees are:


1.     Michele Manly

2.     Sara Gawish

3.     Lauren Llorente

4.     Logan Armstrong

5.     Daniel Brookins


1. Kappa Sigma Fraternity

2. Finactics

3. Peace Education working group

4. Ablaze

5. Alpha Kappa Psi


1. John Coker

2. Suzie Ruiz-Achong

3. Christopher Garcia

4. Jazsmine Carter

5. Damion Campbell

EVENT of the Year

1. Nova International Student Association (NISA) International Thanksgiving Dinner

2. SGA Welcome back Waterworks

3. SGA Homecoming 2010: Escape to Paradise

4. Finactics Pep Rally

5. Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority Inc.  Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention & Awareness Walk

6. Alpha Phi Omega Charity Date Auction

7. Pakistani Student Assoc. Cultural Shock Trio

ADVISOR of the Year

1. Aarika Camp

2. Terry Morrow

3. Nhee Vang

4. Hebe Shaw

5. Michelle Manley

6. Prof. Timothy Dixon

7. Daren Capirchio

UNSUNG HERO of the Year

1. Zach Conaway

2. Nina Mortelliti

3. Adrien Glezil

4. Kendall Ramsijewan

5. Antonio Briceno

Senior of the Year :

1)     Sarah Westol

2)     Damion Campbell

3)     Norberto Mancera (2)

4)     Anthony Campenni

5)     Damion Cambell

6)     Susie Ruiz-Achong

7)     Yusra Quadri

8)     Kristen Franchy

9)     Mickle Mentz

Junior of the Year :

1)     Adrian-Keith (AK) Bennett

2)     Jose Villafuerte

3)     Jada Buckner

4)     Kristina Labossiere

5)     Saamia Shaikh

NSU Spirit:

1)     Elizabeth Castillo

2)     Brittany Schemtob

3)     NSU Finatics

Sophomore of the Year :

1)     Daniel Muggeo

2)     Sara Gawish

3)     Dashka Gabriel

4)     Johnathan Martinez

5)     Laura Villafane

6)     Brittany Schemtob

7)     Gregory Hinds

8)     Alexandra Antunes

Organization of the Year

1.     Premedical Society

2.     Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority Inc.

3.     Nova International Student Association (NISA)

4.     Pakistani Student Association

5.     Ablaze

Freshman of the Year :

1.     Jenny Goetzle

2.     Angelo J. Capobianco

3.     Noemi Bermudez

4.     Chris Mignocchi

5.     Daniel Tello

6.     Lauren Muth

7.     Lindsey Goldstein

8.     Klass Kellner

9.     Daniel Tello

10. Jennifer Chia

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