2020 Legacy Scholars

2020 Legacy Scholars Program

Attention all Sharks:

Leave your legacy here at NSU!
Give back to your student organization
with the 2020 Legacy Scholars Program!

Students can donate $1.00 or more during the month of November
to any participating NSU student organization!
For every dollar raised at or above $250, NSU will match the amount up to a maximum of $2,500.
Once an organization has raised $250 or more, the organization is eligible
to establish its own ‘2020 Legacy Scholarship’.


If you donate $20.20 or more, you can also receive one of our 2020 Legacy Scholar T-Shirts!
They come in navy and grey and in men’s and women’s sizes!
If your organization establishes its own scholarship then
alumni can start donating back to your organization too!


Donations can be made online by credit or debit card
to https://www.nova.edu/giving/2020LegacyScholars/
or by cash or check in the Don Taft University Center.


Past Winners

Take a look at some of our past winners and find out how you can help students like them
get scholarships from their organizations!

Iraelle Edwards
Iraelle Edwards, 24, won Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.’s ‘2020 Legacy Scholarship’ in Fall 2012.
Iraelle is a Finance major from Miami, Florida.
This scholarship helped Iraelle pay the tuition for her last semester
in college before graduating. Iraelle believes giving is important because
it gives others the opportunities she has been afforded.
Iraelle enjoys being a member of her sorority, AKA, because her sisters feel like a part of her family.

Jillian Maiorino
Jillian Maiorino, 24, won Delta Phi Epsilon’s ‘2020 Legacy Scholarship’ in Fall 2012.
She is an Elementary Education major from Coral Springs, Florida.
This scholarship helped Jillian pay her tuition at NSU.
Delta Phi Epsilon has been a home away from home for Jillian
and she believes her sisters act as her support system.
Jillian defines giving as selflessly reaching out to those who are less fortunate.

For more information, please email us at 2020LegacyScholars@nova.edu.

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